This website is up and running :)

Hi everyone! Welcome to my website! Normally I do things via email and networking. This is the first time I’ve launched a website for this business. How exciting!

I’ll be posting on this blog every so often and update you on hints and tips on studying and acing your assignment. So lets start with some basics:

  1. Structure your assignment answers before you start writing. Its important to have a “big picture” of what you are going to writing before you begin.
  2. Always refer to the questions. A common mistake is for students to start writing and go off on a tangent. Always refer to the assignment questions and make sure you are directly addressing them!
  3. Always refer to materials covered in class! Don’t go off materials you find on Google and Wikipedia only. You must ALWAYS use the concepts and materials covered in class.
  4. The word limit is not that important. Short assignments are fine as long as the quality is there!
  5. Sometimes it is better to submit an assignment 1 or 2 days late but of high quality than submitting a piece of crap on time.

Hope this helps!